Vardon Gloves & Grips are the the perfect blend of classic and modern style. Designed for golfers that elevate life off the course and aren't afraid to Drift From Tradition on the course!


Best Sellers

Maverick Pro Glove

The Vardon Maverick Pro Glove is designed for the modern golfer who pushes the limits on the course. Engineered with precision and crafted for enthusiasts who crave the thrill of each swing while looking extra steezey.


Nuke Grip

Unleash havoc with the Vardon Nuke Grip. It's a bold declaration of dominance on the golf course, a disruptive force that doesn't conform to the status quo. Forged from cutting-edge materials, the Nuke Grip isn't just a way to hold your club; it's a declaration to Drift From Tradition.


Drift From Tradition | Wear it


Stay cool, focused, and stylish on the fairway with our Harry Vardon... 

One of the originals

Vardon was built at the intersection of professional and personal life. Inspired by wake, surf, skate, golf, mtb, and moto. This blend drifts from tradition just as Harry Vardon brought a new style to the golf world in 1926.

  • Work Hard

    Sweat, grit, and the perfect drive - Embrace the value of hard work on your golfing journey.

  • Play Hard

    No shortcuts, just pure intensity - Play hard and redefine your golfing limits.

  • Over Deliver

    Set the bar high, then soar above it - Over deliver on the green with your exceptional skills.

Harry Vardon: The Stylist

Vardon Invitational

The Vardon Invitational is a collection of Utah’s best golfers from 18 Men’s leagues across the state. They will all be competing at Black Desert in teams of four for the honor of being crowned Utah’s best Men’s League as well as an individual title.

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