Father's Day Giveaway!

Enter now for your chance to score TWO FREE rounds of golf at the breathtaking
Schneiter's Bluff Golf Course, TWO FREE lunches at the mouth-watering Burley Burger AND TWO FREE Vardon Gloves and Grips!
Just fill out the form below and you could be our next lucky winner!

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What you get if you win

18 holes of golf at Schneiter's Bluff.

You and your dad or son will each get one free round of golf at the beautiful Schneiter's Bluff Golf Course in West Point, UT. Enjoy the course and time with each other.

Over $100 Value

2 FREE meals at any Burly Burger location.

Burly Burger doesn't settle for wimpy little burgers. When you go in their goal is to make sure you leave satisfied or stuffed with some leftovers on your face! 

Over $40 Value

2 FREE Vardon Gloves and Grips.

Vardon was designed for the modern golfer who pushes the limits on and off the course. Engineered with precision and crafted for enthusiasts who crave the thrill of each swing while looking extra steezey.

Over $70 Value